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Sunday, August 24, 2008

8.24.08 2:22pm Luna

Beloved Luna, in her bowl. 6.4.08

Luna crossed over this morning. We found her empty shell this afternoon and buried it under some grapevines in the Spirit Garden. We don't ever say Rest in Peace, we say Hurry Back, Thank You, We Love You and We'll Miss You.

I adopted Luna from the Green County Humane Society in June 1988. I believe we had gone there to drop off some old towels or newspapers and I just happen to see one of the cages had 3 shiny black kittens, I have a thing for black cats so I was mesmerized by their bright eyes and iridescent fur. I stared at them and they stared at me and suddenly I realized someone else was staring at me. Two tiny blues eyes were peeking from behind the other 3. One big blue eye and one small blue eye. It was a tiny scrawny siamese kitten with a sleepy eye, about half the size of the 3. I turned to the woman and said, I want that one.

The woman told me that about a week before someone had driven by the shelter and tossed a paper grocery bag over the fence. When the shelter folk looked they found 5 kittens inside. 4 black and one siamese, one black was dead and the siamese was injured. It was determined that she had nerve damage to her face which caused one side to be drawn up.

I adopted her, took her home and named her Luna. She's been with me ever since. She's traveled quite a bit, to Florida and back again. She walked on a leash and rode on my shoulder in the car and walking down the street. People used to stop us often and ask how I taught her to do that, I tried to explain that she taught me but I'm not sure they understood. In Bradenton tourists would take pictures of her riding on my shoulder or walking along on her leash, little did they know, we were an Ozark Mountain act :)

That was 15 years ago.

Even at over 20 human years old (140 cat years) she was quite spry and just weeks ago she would race around in the grass and writhe wildly in the dust.

The only thing Luna loved more than us, was french fries.

She was always a Queen among peasants and remained graceful and dignified in any and all circumstances.

Hurry back Luna, thank you for everything. We love you and we'll miss you greatly.


Peggy said...

what a blessing to have had Luna in your life for so long.

oldcrow61 said...

You have been blessed to have had such a beautiful little soul in your life.

City Mouse said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of Luna, but it does my heart good to know she has such a neat life and was so well cared for all those years. Celebrating the life of Luna!

fly tie said...

she's a beauty.

Giftbearer said...

Some of the best animals come from the most unlikely places!
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Giftbearer said...

woops, I made a typo. The letters are wearing off my keys. It's http://artlifenewsblog.blogspot.com

earth and sun folk said...

so sorry to hear she is no longer with you in this world. hurry back luna!

earth heart said...

I meant to comment sooner to say my heart goes out. Bless you and to Luna, thank you for your lovely presence in the life of your beloved human.