Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4.20.15 Pictures from around the homestead

but first, an experiment in writing. This is unedited and not been proofread and probably not meant to be.....

And now, photos  :)

      One of our Ancestor Oaks

Beautiful Anya

Iris, the Ruen hen sitting on her nest

Lavender, a welsh harlequin hen

 Lily, a welsh hen on her nest.
We have a 3rd welsh hen, Lilac who also has a nest but we've not found it yet

 Last week I traded a small propane tank for 7 Ancona ducklings. 
They're a heritage breed and considered rare on the watch list.

 Grace & Boot
They're Pekin ducks but look and act like small geese. We hatched these out here. 

This is Owl the cat and Liam the lamb.
We just recently got Liam, he's only around 9 weeks old. Leicester and Shetland.
Now I need a spinning wheel  :)

 Sweet Paneer
She's Saanen and my favorite breed of goat.
They're like small cows, very easy going and produce a lot of milk.
 This is poor Penny Dreadful. 
She's an Oberhasli, which is also a heritage breed.
Unfortunately, Penny was neglected to the point of abuse. When we took her in her hooves were so overgrown she could only walk with her legs very bowed to the sides. This was at least a year in the making and possibly longer. We've had her since last fall and I've gotten her hooves to very close to normal, a little at a time. But her legs were so accustomed to her condition she's having trouble walking normally and stays on her knees most of the time. There was more as well but I'm not giving up on her and we'll just see.

 This is our majestic buck, Winston  :)
He's a Nigerian Dwarf and is around 6 months old. He probably won;t get much bigger. He has the coveted blue eyes and brown moon spots. The plan is to have a couple of full sized does for milking and raise minis, which will be about halfway between Winston and full sized, for meat and to Trade/Sell.  

An attempt to show his blue eyes but he just wanted to nibble my hand.
He acts more like a dog than a goat.

This is Sparky, Nik's special cat. He's so such a love.

 Our beloved Nemo
He has to be on a chain during the day, until we get fenced in, because he chases cars.

 Our view outback, facing North. 
We are so blessed

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Today is another fine Irish day. Gray, rainy and chilly. Perfect days for my Purple Dragon Tea and getting some sewing done  :)

Yesterday I made 3 moon pads. I use flannel from old sheets and shirts etc.. They're incredibly easy to make and easy to adjust the size or thickness to meet many needs. I've been making them since before my son was born. I made them solely by hand for many years but now make them on machine or by hand depending on my mood or what else I'm doing.

                                                            moon pads

I also started another patchwork skirt yesterday. Just picking out which fabrics or remnant to put together And I picked out two fabrics for two new skirts for myself. A lovely gray floral for a long skirt and a cool brown print that looks like lotus flowers for a short skirt.

                                                 Fabrics for next patchwork skirt

Long skirt fabric                                                               short skirt fabric

Today I traded a small tank of propane for 7 three month old Ancona ducklings. They are so pretty. Most are black and white but at least one each are chocolate and white and gray and white. They remind me a lot of the Runner ducks I love so much. If I recall correctly, Ancona were originally bred from Pekin and Runner.

I also got a great idea for breeding pens from the place we got the ducklings. Probably old news for most folks but... Use cattle panels bent just high enough to bend over and get in. cut panels for the end and door. run chicken wire around the base for snakes and to keep the smalls in. Use a tarp or plastic or cut branches to create shade and shelter and give them a good separate shelter inside.

I also did some sewing today. I mainly worked on covers for outdoor chair and glider cushions. I've actually been working on these for over a month. Ever since I found a box of wonderful heavy ticking at a thrift for 2.00.


I've recovered these cushions before but nothing has held up well. I had planned to try using denim this year, which I think would work well but when I came across this great ticking I knew where it was meant to go  :)  Some of it has some sort of backing on it and it looked as though maybe someone had the same idea and had started making a cushion cover. I'm hoping to have enough to make one large for the glider and three for the chair seats. I have one hair cushion but will make two new ones and cover them first with something heavy and breathable.

I'm also getting ready to repaint and recover two indoor chairs and the woodstove bench. I found some lovely floral broadcloth at another thrift last year and have been saving it for this project.

And, mixed in with some of the thrift store fabrics was some thin cotton percale, Perfect for drying bags for my herbs and such. I make them all sizes from tiny to dry a few blueberry leaves (because the bushes are tiny) to huge to dry large amounts of black walnut leaves for my salves etc.. They're very easy to make, an be washed and reused way beyond a paper bag and I add draw strings for tying and hanging.

Recently a friend gave me a big heavy metal carport frame. I've not picked it up yet but need to soon so I can cover it with a tarp and have a place to weave hammocks out of the rain and sun. That's it's main use. But  :)  I plan to eventually cover the top with dyed or painted canvas. Waterproofed or will waterproof it with beeswax. 'll add long heavyduty pull ropes for getting it off and on as needed. For the walls I'll sew many different fabrics together and have several ties on each to close well when needed. For summer I'll make walls of sheer curtains, scarves, fabrics.... For winter walls, blankets and skins... Old rugs and skins and blankets on the floor...  I believe it's 20 x 10 so would also work for a little shelter for or Kith & Kin trade gathers.

Lastly, I worked a little more on another pair of moccasins I'm making. Another red pair. I love making them but then I love making all sorts of things. From Spirit Art to moon pads  :) 

                                                         Very red leather  :)

I made Anya, my mare, leg wraps put of the same red leather. For when she needs extra protection or has a wound that needs covered etc.. I actually made them some time ago but they needed a little work and better wrap ties.

My regular work went astray this week because if the rain but I still got other things done, made plans and dreamt of days to come.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Today was tremendous! Warm, breezy and wonderful. I got quite a bit done. Got Dixon mailed off and had another custom order at the post office. I put "artwork" on the boxes and several people asked about what it was. I told about Dixon and Spirit Totes (formerly Juju Dolls) and she made an order right in the parking lot  :)

I also got some inventory ready for markets, some work done inside, ran to town, sold two rabbits, found a 2 or 3 ft Thuja occidentalis!  at walmart of all places. It will be some time before I can harvest for tinctures and drying but the wholesome bounty will be worth the wait. This is what my April photo is about  :)  I've been looking for one of these for years.

I also got a little ore done toward getting the floors ready for painting. I'm going to be doing a little at a time so I don’t have to clear everything out. And so that i can afford to do repairs as I go too, most things have to wait until after some bills are paid off but we're getting there  :)

I'm trying to balance restoring to the age of the house (78 years old), our needs and wants and my own sensibilities. The colors for the living room and kitchen are Walnut Bark for the floors with dark sand tiles around the wood stove hearth and Antique White for the walls, ceilings and kitchen cabinets. My room and the Bathroom will have the same floor color (bathroom will eventually have tiles) and Soft Sage walls. My 100 yr old CI bed will be Antique white. I like simple and serene. The mud room and back porch Birch walls (tan) and walnut floors until I can get tile at least in the mudroom.  Eventually I will probably tile all the floors.

I also got a little work done on the outdoor kitchen. I can’t wait to have a proper summer kitchen but I'm loving my simple outdoor kitchen too  :)

I am so grateful to be so incredibly wealthy. And even more grateful that I am blessed to true wealth for what it is  :)

We are so blessed  :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

3.23.15 Seeing

wow!  I definitely need a new stove. I turned on a burner to boil some pasta and fire and sparks came out. The oven went out on it last fall and now down to 3 burners. I have been looking for one anyway but now I'll move it up the list. At least I can cook outside without freezing now  :)

Supper will be a mix of homemade and commercial organic pastas in parmesan white sauce with our garlic, cracked pepper, our onion and my own herb mix. Salad with my homemade Dill Dressing. Breadsticks I made the other day with herbed butter. Iced Irish Back tea to drink.

For evening tea I'm having plain scones with a mix of raspberries and blackberries frozen from last year. Plain old tea with commercial creamer.

Today was spectacular! I wandered around just being for at least half an hour. Then I got back to work  :)  Painted some chairs, made a blue hammock, worked on Juju Dolls, worked on inventory, did some garden planning, prepared an area of floor to paint, regular chores, curried Anya, took several breaks, worked on the front sitting area and outdoor kitchen, made breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch and working on supper.

I was given an old wooden table base last fall and am going to be doing something with it. Maybe. It's quite wonderful just as it is. But I'll need to do something to it to keep it from deteriorating further.

I'm so blessed  :)

and now......

Some folk say being a Seer is a gift, some folk say it’s a curse. In my experience it is always both but, this year, so far, mostly a gift.

This is a special and bright year. Not that every year or month or day or hour or minute is not special. Each second is special and sacred. But this year is different. Different in many ways.

It’s a singular time for a second chance.

If you’ve been considering changing the name of your business, group, clan, tribe… changing your own name, given or chosen, this is the year for it. It’s about restarting, recharging, renewing, redoing, renaming, reinventing

It will be especially bright in many ways and is for seeing things better, seeing them anew, in a brighter light etc… a time to reexamine, rethink, reconsider, reorganize

Regrow, replant, revive ….

It’s hard to put it all into words but it's clear and on a broad spectrum, and “re” seems attached to all of it.

The only real caveat I see, aside from what will come after, is that whatever is redone this year will stay that way for quite some time to come. As in, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to alter these things again for a long time. I know that part sounds vague and mysterious but that’s all there is on it.

I don’t usually share what I see publicly but this is meant for everyone.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


What a beautiful day!

I spent much of the day preparing for the week. I mixed up two lovely batches of trail mix.

Batch 1
Organic, unsweetened dry Cranberries  US
All natural dried apple chunks – mine
All natural sunflower Seeds – US
Raisinets  (chocolate covered raisins - US ?
Yogurt covered raisins - US
All Natural Almonds – US
Organic toasted peanuts – US  (bought organic raw peanuts and lightly toasted at home)
Sea salt

Batch 2
All Natural dried sweet cherries – mine
Organic toasted peanuts – US  (bought organic raw peanuts and lightly toasted at home)
Sea salt
Raisinets chocolate covered raisins - US ?
All Natural Sun Flower Seeds - US

For Sunday dinner I made a huge Everything Salad with garlic bread sticks. The salad was with commercial organic spring greens, shredded cheeses, boiled eggs, chicken, bacon, shredded carrots and little tomatoes (that came from Mother only knows) with commercial ranch dressing. I made bread sticks for the week and toasted a couple each with garlic butter and parmesan for our meal. Last time in town i tasted some citrus green tea that I loved, so made a version of it with green tea, bottled lemon juice and a freshly squeezed orange. It was delicious!

For evening tea I'm just having Irish Black with vanilla, honey and goat's milk.

I also made biscuits, rolls and a loaf oat bread. I made up a hearty soup for a lunch or two with leftover chicken bones, chicken, wild rice, carrots, celery, cracked pepper, onion and dried lambs quarters.

No hammocks today, Sunday is a hammock free day  :)  But yesterday's hammock was a wonderful red.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Merry Spring Equinox! Blessed Festival of Trees.

She changes everything She touches and, everything She touches changes....

On the eve of Spring, the day started out cool and damp. A large cup of hot tea and some toasted seed bread with honey made it seem a little brighter. But then the sun, in all His glory, graced us with his bright warmth and the day grew magnificently.

I've gotten most of the day's work done, moving swiftly inside but slow and ponderous outside. Taking my time and soaking in the energy.

I've been going through things and giving away or storing what's not needed or very wanted. The house got quite piled up last year and I don't like a jumbled mess. I hope for at least an organized mess  :)

I wanted to ride today. Just saddle up and go until my stomach rumbled and my bag of granola was empty.  But alas, that wont be happening for a very long time. My beloved Anya is barn sour. I have to lead her to the destination then ride home. That's ok though, things are as they are and she'll go with me on the walk abouts with joy. I am thankful for that gift.

I had not done hammocks in over a year, there was just no work for me. But I picked up supplies yesterday and am back at it  :)  I've really missed it. And the first one is purple  :)  it looks blue in the photo but it's really bright and wonderful purple!

It's a slow, lazy day. A peanut butter sandwich on seed bread with an ice cold glass of milk for lunch. Leftovers soup for supper with leftover black bread (cleaning out the freezer a bit). I'm making cranberry orange scones for evening tea..

I look forward to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

Time to wake up!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2.25.15 Stirrings

2.25.15    Stirrings

In some ways, this is one of the hardest times of the year. Bodies cry out for the sun’s warmth and minds grasp at new goals and dreams. Souls yearn for the freedom of walking barefoot on the earth. But we’re still in the Stirring time, not quite ready to wake but no longer fully asleep. There’s the first strings of bird song and hearty leaves are starting to push upward. It’s a treasure box with a timed lock. But glimmers of Spring leak out the cracks. Whisperings of peepers and glimpses of green. The lock is ticking to the open mark. Spring is coming.

We finally got out yesterday. We could have gone another few months but ran out of hay for the animals. I was worried but all worked out. While in town I was forced to get myself some ever flavor beans, poor me  :)  The roads were all clear but our driveway is mudslush and the blazer got stuck this morning for Nik going to work. I got it unstuck this afternoon.

Got all the rabbit pens properly cleaned today. All the frozen poop piles thawed and I cleaned them all super well. All the rabs have fresh hay, waters with and without vinegar, alfalfa, minerals and carrots & raisins.

Fresh water all around but the two holding tanks are too frozen to get the ice out or dump so just filled them as they are. We've been having to haul water out in jugs for everyone because the ice got so thick but the horse has a clean fresh tank now.

Dreading the next few days but warm days are coming. I would have usually started seeds by now but the house is too cold at night and early mornings. We've gone through alot more wood than usual this year. I had waht i thought would get us through the winter with a rick extra. We went through all of it plus 2 more ricks and will need another soon!  And for the last week or so I've only had fires at night to try and conserve wood. We're at double what we used our coldest winter here. Something is afoot.

This spring I’m hoping to double or more the garden space. Turn the font yard into my major herb garden, add the smaller herb garden to the vegetable garden and expand the vegetable garden back to the Bee hive area  (no bee hives yet but preparing and for them). A lot of work but it will be so well worth it for the return in medicinals and foods.

We’ve been having a local seed swap and I’ve gotten some wonderful trades … Orange Sun bell peppers, Ghost pumpkins,  Arnica …  What a bounty and I’m expecting more  J

Also expecting an order for the orchard in March … Pecans, Hawthorn, Witch Hazel and Plums.

I have so many plans for the year, they probably wouldn’t fit on the page but some of the most important to me are
Finish the Outdoor Kitchen (very lose to being done)
Build a good outhouse
Complete the horse shelter and add hay rack (maybe homemade)
Expand the main goat pen an divide
Move the hen pen door
Rebuild Rabbitville
Put up another solar water heater with hose for running indoors
Start clearing the lower field for the stock. (not clear cutting, just clearing some out for grasses to grow.)
Start chicken garden (millet and other grains)

So much I hope to get done but enjoying life tops my list above all.

Us Feb 2015