Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Snow ! We woke to beautiful amazing snow :) And it's still snowing, tho it's not sticking to the ground. Which is probably best because we have an egg run to make today and I'm wanting to get a light for the henhouse.

According to the thermometer on the porch it's below 30 deg. Inside it was upper 60's when we got up but with opening the door a few times it got a little chillier. Now a fire is going and the kettle is on and we're snug as bugs.

I had trouble sleeping last night. For some reason I kept thinking about food storage and the like and what I needed to get done and what I wish I could get done. Most of the time, when I go to bed and have something on my mind I can fall asleep and dream a solution and wake the next morning with a plan. But last night I felt like the only solution was to get up and act. I didn't, I stayed in my cozy nest of a bed and planned in my head. I planned for larger potato storage and getting what I need for the new drying racks. I planned more food storage places and a bigger henhouse and enclosing the porch. I planned on fencing for the gardens and animals. I started worrying that we didn't have a cross cut saw and then I remembered that we survived our first year here by dragging large branches and limbs from the forest and breaking or hacking at them with a tiny hatchet and we were fine. That's probably when I finally dozed off.

I am a bit of a worrier, I have an ulcer to prove it. But these days I'm usually able to reason with myself and see that worry serves no good purpose. Last night wasn't the case.

It's 9:30 now and I started this over an hour ago. It's still snowing, sometimes falling straight down but mostly blowing from the North. The Crow truck has an excellent heater and since the snow isn't sticking we'll probably make the egg run.

Blessed day everyone :)


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Lucky!! I would be happy with rain at this point. Oregon is being a slow poke to winter:( Im a worrier too. I have to work really hard to keep from driving myself and my family nuts:)

TheresaJ said...

Well, even with all of the worry, you sure did paint a pretty picture of where you live. Things always work out -- just incubate your thoughts and throw them out to the universe -- it always provides.

City Mouse said...

Beautiful snow! We haven't had any yet. Just freezing rain. As we talked about, lots of folks seem to be having trouble sleeping. Hmm.

How'd that egg run go?

J said...

I love snow. It makes evrything so cleanand fresh. Even simple twigs and weeds turn into things of magic.
I'm a worrier too. I know what I need will come to me. I know I should keep Faith stronger because I know by experience that it will come thru for me. It's just hard sometimes to not give in and fret. For me, I just have to keep repeating to myself to just trust in Faith.
(((Juli and Nik))) I wish for many Blessings to come your way!

fly tie said...

i'm all too familiar with that urgent need to get up and act while trying to get some rest. i've been known to go over an idea for a new design in my mind repeatedly until i just have to get up and at least get started on it.

hopefully we'll get a little snow here this winter. it's not common, but every once in a while it'll come. snow makes me so happy. :-D


If I were you I would pay attention to that "worry". I am not sure if you blog a lot but this week, your worry has been spoken out a lot. It seems to be a common theme or thought process, me included. So rather than just ponder, take it as a premonition. Do what you can to move in that direction even if it is buying 5 extra pounds of rice or flour. Moving in that direction however slow may relieve the tension you feel. I wish you well.

oldcrow61 said...

We had a little snow a few days ago and although winter isn't my favorite time of year, I have to admit that it looked quite beautiful, the air fresh and clean.