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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu and What we do

To avoid illness ...

*Wash hands often, especially after returning home from town.
*Take extra Vitamin C (immune booster) vitamin E (antioxidants) vitamins B complex (stress management)
*Eat well and regularly. Eat plenty of raw foods, fruits, nuts, vegetables .... Less meats especially red meat.
*If you can use a Neti then do so when returning from public areas.
*Get enough fiber, it helps regulate and balance the system as well as moving toxins out.
*Keep hydrated, a dehydrated body is always more susceptible to illness and a weakened immune system.
*Sleep well. Everyone's body is different and there is no exact number, know your own body and get the sleep you need.

If we become ill and will not be seeing a doctor ...

*Continue vitamin intake and increase C
*Plenty of fluids.
*No dairy, which increases mucus.
*Eat often, sometimes many very small meals are better. A cup of soup and a few crackers ...
*Lots of sleep. The body can heal much faster with plenty of rest.
*Treat your symptoms with simples and single herbs when possible. like feverfew for fever and head aches, peppermint or ginger for stomach upset and nausea, honey for sore throats and sleep for body aches and pain.
*Continue treated yourself as if you're sick for 2 days after you feel well. First, the illness can often still be spread to other folk. And Second, the immune system will have been weakened no matter what you took while ill and being exposed to any other illness in the first few days after recovering is dangerous.
*If you don't start feeling better within 48 hours then it should be treated with stronger medicinals such as Resurrection Tea which you can make yourself and have one hand.

I'm not suggesting that anyone not see a doctor at anytime. If you think you should then do it. This is just what we do.


Carol said...

Your Resurrection Tea sounds great. Wish I could use it, but Echinacea is such a strong immune booster, that I stay away from it to avoid problems with my Lupus. Lupus is an over active immune system, so don't want to encourage that. If you can suggest something to substitute for Echinacea, I would appreciate the info.

Anonymous said...

That tea sounds like just the right thing. Pretty cool. Mercifully, we've been healthy around here all season, not a single flu or cold. Good advice on keeping your health up! And some I had forgotten! Thanks. Sorry I haven't been able to check in as much with getting ready for the move!

oldcrow61 said...

All good advice Juli.