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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Long Dream 5.10.09

This was a long dream that lasted several hours and continued through being woken a few times. Sometimes I would dream a certain part two or three times in a row before it continued. There seemed to be 3 or 4 main parts.


At first I was with another woman and a man on some back country dirt roads. We were trying to get somewhere specific, I think to a house. Something had happened and no cars ran at all. We had a small cart with a few things in it that the man was pulling. We had to go down several roads and knew that the people would throw rocks at us or even shoot us because they didn't know us and they were trying to keep people away that they didn't think belonged. In front of some houses there were large rocks hanging from trees with rope which we knew meant that outsiders weren't welcomed.
The guy told us to get in the cart and he was trying to run and pull us up a hill but it was very hard for him. He kept telling us to stay in the cart but after just a bit people started throwing rocks at us so we jumped out and helped him pull the cart and were able to get past without getting hit. We made it to the top of a hill and looked down the other side and I could see 2 or 3 more roads we had to go on and altho it was rural, there were several houses and in some areas people were standing outside holding rocks and guns waiting for us. We never considered trying to talk to anyone, I dreaded the journey but knew we had to make it.

* I was awakened then went back to sleep

We had made it to the house. i was surprised that there were other people there as well. several small groups of 3 or 4 people huddled here and there, talking or eating or resting but staying in their small groups. I noticed that there was someone with a laptop computer jacked into the wall and online. I was very surprised because there wasn't power anywhere else. I started toward it but the guy grabbed my arm and said "not yet". The guy on the laptop looked angrily at me and we walked away.

We sat in our own little group talking. The guy was saying how important it was to find a particular young man but that his location was hidden and blocked by a password that no one could crack. I suddenly knew that i could crack the password and find him. We went over and asked the computer guy to let us on. We knew that there was only one other place that could get computer access at all and it was another house many miles away. At first the guy refused but then finally let us on.

I got into the place very quickly and started trying to crack the password. Most of the people in the house gathered round to watch and I got very nervous and wished they would leave me alone. I had only been at it a few minutes when the guy told me to stop. Suddenly the computer went dead. I was very frustrated that i wasn't able to finish and felt for sure that i could have cracked it. I also felt bad that I had let them down by not being faster.

We went off to sit alone in our little group, which had now grown to 5 or 6. We had a little campfire and starting to make something to eat when a rock was thrown through one of the windows and landed right by our fire. Another guy said it was for me and handed it to me. I saw a note attached and felt dread or apprehension.

When I took it I saw that there was also part of a news paper attached. I opened it and saw that there was some kind of code. Words, numbers and phrases, some circled, some underlined, some with 3 lines ... I told the main guy and he thought we could figure it out but first he wanted me to read the note. there were 2 sentences, I don't recall the first but the second one said ..." Thank you Juli, it's been to long".

*I am a very lucid dreamer and seeing my own name on the note freaked me out a bit and almost caused me to end the dream but I wanted to see what the newspaper code said so i continued on.

I opened the newspaper and looked through it a bit. There were 4 pages with things marked on fronts and backs. I saw a word in a title in bold type with 3 lines under it and started to tell the guy but he stopped me and said to start on the first page. I turned back to the first and there a word in extra large type which was circled. I started to read it.

* then was awakened by Oded running past a large piece of stolen wax paper in his mouth. I got up and got the paper and swatted wicket off Nik's dresser and returned to bed.

I was in another house with Nik and a different guy. The house had been abandoned but many things had been left behind. Someone had set up rows of twin beds in almost every room. I knew we were waiting for the other people I had been with earlier. Nik went to sleep on one of the beds in the next room and I went into the bathroom to try and clean up a bit. We heard some noise and thought it was the people we were waiting for but then some kind of grenade was thrown through a window. I expected it to blow up and maybe kill us (i thought about ending the dream there but went on) nothing happened and later I knew that it was a smoke grenade that had malfunctioned.

Some kind of Military people busted the door down and started yelling orders. I thought they would arrest us or maybe hurt or kill and I knew we had been trying to avoid them during the whole dreaming. but instead they ushered in several more people, they seemed to be refugees of some kind and it dawned on me that maybe we were too or that they thought we were.

Some kids came to the bathroom door, 3 little kids and 2 teenage girls, they had been crying and looked scared. I told them I would look after them and started to lead them toward the room Nik was sleeping in.

*Then I woke for the day.

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oldcrow61 said...

What a story or I should say dream. I wonder if you will dream the ending.