Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

5.7.10 Another day :)

It was very warm here this morning, almost 80 and fairly humid. Around noon it began to drop and within an hour it dropped 10 full degrees. When we first looked at the thermometer it was 82, about an hour later is was 77, we watched it for the next hour off and on and within that hour it dropped to 67. The thermometer on the porch says it's around 65 now.

The difference led to me milking this morning in just a sundress and my muck boots, this evening I wore an over shirt and sweat pants as well. We did hear that up north might even get some snow.

This morning I worked in the garden a bit and then we took off for a couple of hours to do some yard sales. Our neighbor needs T-shirts for his new job so I looked for those while Nik enjoyed the ride and read a book. I didn't find the T-shirts but did find a lovely mosquito net for 3.00 and 3 very nice candles that don't need to be rebatched for just .25

this afternoon I worked on getting my work table set up in it's new location. I think it's going to work very well where we moved it and I'll have more room for the Juju dolls and other things again. I have less Apothecary room now but only until I find an excellent old hutch or cupboard for the spot.

We also finally got my poor rocking chair together and up. Nik got it for me for Christmas and we've never gotten to getting it together. Now it's up and it is beautiful !! :) I can't wait to get the porch finished and move it outside :)

We got 4 new chicks last week. 2 Black Jersey Giants and 2 White Jersey Giants. They doing wonderfully and growing quickly. I would still like to have 2 Delawares and 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes. As far as raising, I'll stay with the Barred Rocks, RIR's and Stars tho.

Also in our future is another try at raising Royal Palms and a Red Wattle pig for meat. If we had to room I would like to have a apir of Red Wattles and raise a litter each year.

Yesterday was Farmers Market and tho we didn't make much money at all (the least we've ever made at any market) We still had a great time and it was worth the effort. I need to decide on a second Market for the year but haven't yet. Probably Nixa but I heard that Highlandville might have one and tho it's tiny, it's along a highway and much closer to us.

The day before yesterday I made yogurt. It didn't turn out well because I added the culture to soon and the milk was still to hot which killed the cultures. I'm still using it, mainly for baking, and I'll try again next week.

Also the day before yesterday we got the top of Junipers Winter hutch almost completed. I actually baught the top awhile back but it wasn't set up for a rabbit so we had to pry off the bottm and ad rabbit wire. I then used the bottom to go onto the top. I still need to make a proper door but it's bigger and nicer than her old one. I also still need to make a frame to attach the legs to but it's in working order for now. And it will have a second level when completed.

We still have her larger summer hutch to finish but she seems so happy on the porch we may just keep her there.

I also made a yahoo group last week, I think, Simply Being, a back to basics simple life kind of thing. there are many great groups around but none of them seem to fit for me so I finally broke down and just made one. I think the main idea that's different is that this group belongs to the members, not to a person.

I've also come up with a good layout for the new barn. The shell (cottage porch) is 20 by 10 and I think I've worked out 3 stalls, each 4x7ft, a hay stall - 3x7 and a milk room that's 5x7 plus 3x20 walkway along the stalls. the plan is to have 3 adult does (at least 2 milking at all times) and 2 adult males (possibly one neutered) in the old pen. The biggest drawback of course is the possibility of needing or wanting to move this year because of the loss of the house. but I'm trying to keep things in a way that won't be to difficult to move if the need arises.

Cottage and future barn

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OneOldGoat said...

So exciting for your Yahoo Group - I take a lot of inspiration from your blog. Hopefully I can order some more of your tea!

Beth oneoldgoat