Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

6.13.10 Bread Day

Yesterday was hot and very humid today but I made it Bread day anyway and spent most of the day making the weeks bread. 3 loaves and a batch of tortillas :)

New rolling pins and pastry cloth. The pastry clothe is a wonderful freecycle find and I got the rollingpins from a fellow farmers market vendor who makes them on his lathe. I had been wanting a french pin for some time now. The pasta cutter was just for fun, altho it might actually help make them a little straighter :)

For the Cinnamon and Herb breads I used a basic recipe ...

Basic Bread

1 1/4 c water (room temp)
1 to 2 T honey1 t salt
1 T oil3 c flour
1 1/2 t yeast

Use dough setting on machine, remove, add extras, shape, put in pan and allow to rise (about 45 mins). Bake at 350 deg. small 1/2 size loaves around 20 minutes, large full size loaves 25 to 30 minutes.

Cinnamon bread, for breakfast or sweets :)

Herbed Bread, mainly for eating with meals

A large loaf of butter topped sourdough, this weeks sandwich bread.

And a dozen tortillas :)
You can find the Tortilla recipe (with a bunch more pictures) here ...
Tortillas or in The Kitchen


the wild magnolia said...

Your day was well spent baking beautiful bread. It looks so good. The tortillas are perfect.

I will try your recipes.

Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day!

CompostPyle said...

Oh my goodness, I come in from the garden grab a snack, high dollar rip off little bag of Doritoes and a piece of chipotle cheddar cheeze "need ice tea" and what do I see for the first blog of the day, your breads and tortillas. I gotta make those tortillas.

Checked out the links and your story how your mom made them for you. Your breads look beautiful. And you scored on those rolling pins : )

Thank you so much for the recipes. I'll get it down pat and I won't buy another rip off bag of chips again.

thanks, linda

looks like more rain today for us, I hear the thunder, you been getting rain as well?

Anonymous said...

Great blog about Gypsies. I'm fascinated with this culture since i read info about gypsy pilgrimage

JoyceAnn said...

Wow ~ Your breads and tortilla shells look great !!

~ Blessings ~