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Monday, September 13, 2010

9.13.10 Strange Days Indeed

First, Thank you all so much for all the kind words and generous offers. It means a great deal to me. For what can be done, prayers, energy etc. that things go smoothly on whatever path this takes.

I have written to the man asking that he not do things this way, offering more money and saying that we will just live with the needed repairs and move next spring. The repairs are the reason for the whole mess anyway. Or rather, they were the thing that put him over, I think.

Oddly, earlier this year when he changed his mind and forgot I had been buying the place for the last 9 years, I asked him if he wanted me to move. He said no he just wanted me to continue the monthly payments, which had become renting.

Then in June I asked that he be responsible for repairs and everything went down from there.

It is of course not completely unexpected. Since the day I asked for our contract in writing I have wondered when he would ask us to move. I also knew he was capable of doing things this way. but when it didn't happen and since he knows about my mother passing away last month, and not a word about anything of this sort from him at all, i didn't expect it now.

I'm not sure why but I thought all along that we would have until next spring. That's where I'm putting my prayers and energy for now. That we can stay here through the winter and work toward moving next year.

I gave away 5 hens yesterday and will start working toward getting things easier to move and handle, whether we have to move in a move or have until early next year, it will be a lot of work.

Of course we will miss the Burrow greatly but since lat January it hasn't felt the same. We always knew this might happen but always held out hope it would not. I remember one of the times I asked for something in writing from him years ago his reply was something about papers just being messy. I am not as dumb or gullible as people think. I have just put to much on faith and hope, and have many scars to prove it.

So we're down to 7 chickens. 4 laying hens under a year old - 2 Black Stars - Alice & Bella, and 2 Ameraucanas - Star & Sun (who aren't laying now). 1 Ameraucana hen 2 1/2 yrs old - Moon. 1 hen to old to lay - Hen. And Poppy, the black Jersey Giant chick. I'm not sure our small portable chicken will hold all 7, I'll have to put them in and see.

Time to milk and alot more thought needed anyway.

Thank you everyone for thinking of us!


Anonymous said...


I am so very sorry that you are in this situation. I have left a message on your voice mail and do hope you will get back to me.
You are welcome to come here until you find a place of your own. I have plenty of room for you and Nik and your animals.


Nancy said...

Juli, seems when it comes to oral agreements -- some people are not very honorable. A hand shake used to mean something -- now, not so much. You are better off not living there if you feel stressed out every day. It's not good for you or for your family. Hang in there until it's time to go -- you never know what opportunities wait for you around the corner.

Sending good vibes your way...

JoyceAnn said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers , Julie. I'm sure something will workout for you , although I know it's a scary time. Hopefully he'll work with you through winter if that's really what you want to do.

~ Hugs ~

Laura said...

I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way that things work out the way you want them to. Have you thought about putting the owner in a honey jar to sweeten his disposition toward you? Just a thought.

The Wessex Reiver said...

best wishes with everything being thrown at you at the moment. It will not seem like it now, but often in my experience an unstable and negative time is the beginning of the new and not the end of the beginning. it's never easy, but nature abhores a vaccume, sometimes we need to let that vaccume be created through loss and change, for it to be re-filled in another and better way. Blessings