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Friday, October 15, 2010

Court Decisions & Fuel Pumps

We received the court decision in the mail today. Mostly what I expected. In the state of Missouri, when there is no written contract, the law favors the legal property owner. In absence of a written contract we can only be considered tenants under the law.

A very cool thing is that the judge looked into the law himself to see if there was any legal way he could give me the contract on the house. I believe the house guy knew this, he buys, sells and rents houses often, and that's why he would never give anything in writing or in email.

But the good news of it is ... "judgement is entered for defendant against plaintiff" basically, we won :) Tho I am sure he'll show up at any moment with a letter in writing saying we have to move and whether he does or not, we are moving. But, according to the court ruling he can only give the paper 30 days before the next payment is due and that's not until November 1st, then we should still have 30 days. so legally, we have 6 weeks or so and that does help.

Also, in the part where the house guys was asking for more money ... "cause is dismissed"

It's still a bit sad but, we love the Burrow so much and Nik, he will lose his friends and more. All will be well tho and the next adventure has already begun.

I'm in the process of trying to find out what it will take to get electric on at the 3 room cottage.

As for the Blazer *~* the mechanic now says that it is the fuel pump going out and it will be 600.00 to put in anew one.

These times remind me of the dear Rosanna Rosanna Danna .... It's always something!


loriel said...

Juli, I'm so glad you won. Even though you are moving anyway, it's nice to leave cleanly with the truth made public. I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength wherever you end up. I love the motto: 'per ardua ad astra' - from adversity to the stars. It comes strongly to mind when I read your blog. Good luck with the 3 room cottage, Janine x

Moonflower said...

So glad the court listened to the truth but hate that you still have to leave your home,the man will pay in the end he has probably done this to others also. Check with another garage or see if a friend could install your fuel pump that is a lot of money for him to change the fuel pump, they would not be much at the parts store. Good luck with the cottage electric. June

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Julie ~ Glad to hear the judge took the time to look into the situation. I'm sure the man you were renting from knew what the law was too. It's a shame people do such things.
I've been catching up on your blog , enjoyed reading your recipes for balm and salves. I made some plantain salve this week , plan to make some White Pine salve soon. May try your recipes when I get all the ingredients.
Hope you get the blazer fixed soon.

~ Be Blessed ~

Roxann said...

Hi Juli,

It's been a while since I've been to your blog - either I went to a different blog or you've changed the look entirely :)

Sorry to hear you have to move. My own property is in a state of limbo and I won't know until maybe late January whether I'll be moving or will get to stay.