Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Most Peculiar

I went to bed late last night, I have most nights for the last few weeks. I do best on 8 hours sleep but I can deal with 5 and survive on none, if I have to. Anyway, I've been extra tired the last 2 days and went back to bed after morning chores. This morning when i went back to bed i dreamed a very peculiar dream. Different than any dream I have ever had before ...

It was present day and Nik and I had gone to a little community to look at 2 houses. It was like a very tiny town, only a few miles wide and long but self contained, a small village. We looked at the first house and somehow got dirty and needed to shower. The people showing us the houses were two large related families living in two long houses very close to one another. About 12 of us went to one of their houses to clean up. I took a shower and had just finished dressing when I heard what sounded like a plane shooting at the ground. a couple of us ran out to look and there was a large military like plane shooting small rocket-like projectiles in rapid succession. It seemed to be aiming at a target that was a ways away but a few the things hit nearby and exploded.

I thought that this must be a dream because this doesn't make sense in waking life but usually in thinking that i would confirm with myself that it is a dream, I am a very lucid dreamer and have a huge amount of control in and of my dreams. But this time I simply kept on dreaming and in the dream I thought then that it must be real.

From back inside the house I heard a ruckus and looked out to see a red truck pull up nearby with two armed men inside. They looked like country folk out hunting but I knew they meant harm. A woman ran to the door and started knocking asking to come in. I ran to the door and stopped one of the people from opening it. I don't know why but I felt suspicious. After a few minutes she ran to the guys in the truck, i started to run after her but she had already jumped in with the men. As I watched a third man raised his head as if he had been laying down. the woman viscously attacked and stabbed him, the two other men laughed. It was a horrible feeling and I thought to myself that the world had gone mad.

Then we heard the plane coming back for another run. I told everyone to come that we needed better shelter. We just ran with whatever we had on, didn't stop to take anything. We stayed together as a little group and were running right down the middle of the village. There were people running and screaming everywhere. I saw the red truck pull behind a house and there was someone in the back screaming for help. Most of the 12 people with me were young adult and teenage with 2 very small kids and one adult man. I thought that if we could find safety a few of us could come back and help others. I planned to kill the men in the red truck.

As we ran a second plane appeared and began a similar shooting run but it was shooting at the main part of the village. I got the feeling that it was shooting just the houses for now to run the people inside out. There was a lot of smoke and the air stung my nose. I asked the people if they knew of any building with a basement and they said the library. We found it quickly and made our way in. The basement wasn't huge but enough room for us and several more. There was an old pool table i knew would be useful for blocking a door and a large timber we used as more support for a beam in the main ceiling. We did a check and all we had on us of use were 2 or 3 small flashlights and one multi-tool. We set about seeing what was there and found a knife, a few candles and some matches right away. Someone found a closet full of blankets and pillows and there were still 3 or 4 closets and a bunch of cabinets to look through plus at least two other small rooms.

I woke with a slight nose bleed. Not a natural occurrence for me.


The day was very chilly! colder in the earlier morning but still very chilly when I woke from the nap. I don't think it ever got above 55 and was sorely tempted to light a fire but didn't.

The house smells odd, like all sorts of teas and herbs and oils. I haven't packed those things yet and won't until the very last but I have them all out to see what i have and what i need and pack other things in the pantry with them. I love the smells of everything :)

We're still packing, of course and making good progress. By the time we do find the right place we should be ready to start the actual moving. The hardest part will be the animal pens and houses tho i do have a plan that should work well.

I have 2 of these gazebos that I got when the guy went out of business last January. At least one and maybe both will eventually be a greenhouse but for now we'll put them up at the new place, cover with plastic and tarps, stack hay bales around the inside bottom. One will become a temporary barn with 2 stalls made out of pallets, the hen roosts and a couple of nest boxes. the other will become the temporary milk barn with milk stand, feed bens etc.. The plan is to take down half of all the pens here and put up small pens there so that there are pens and houses at both places.

We've been having fast food lately, mainly in there form of left overs but also things I've made specifically as fast food like a big pot of chili divided and frozen in meal portions. A ham sliced baked and made into some different things. Today we had ham and cheese sandwiches with stone ground mustard from the store and lettuce I found in the garden yesterday :) I found a nice little batch and got it just in time. many things were wilted from the cold last night. So we had lettuce for our sandwiches and Juniper had lettuce for the day as well.

It's 8:00 and I'm ready to go back to bed! not that i will but I surely am ready :)


Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Wow -- that was quite the dream, Judi. Must be your brain trying to deal with all of the things going on in your life right now.

I love the gazebo/pen idea. That's very clever. Sounds like they will serve many purposes over your transition in the coming months. :)

the wild magnolia said...

That was some dream and so detailed.

Hope you find just the right place.