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Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks, Loss & Carrying On

In for a lunch of wild salad with carrots, cheeses, boiled eggs and ranch. I found a good patch of Dock and Chicory I had missed the last times out, they should keep us in greens until the other patches grow larger again.

I always gather green stuff for the rabbits as well. I have a list of safe wild foods and have been feeding Juniper this way for 5 or so years. I'm now slowly getting the new buns used to it a wild diet.

Speaking of rabbits ... the rabbit colony is working out better than I even hoped. I was able to introduce a new female in, that wasn't previously housed with any of the others. I was worried and kept close watch until I was sure but they're all getting on just fine. I've seen no mating at all so when I have all the females in I hope to have, I will try taking the male out until I'm ready for baby buns. Might be to late but we'll see.

I'll be bringing my tiny greenhouse in soon to get some lettuces and sprouts started. A friend suggested Chia sprouts and another friend gave me a bunch of Chia seeds so I'm going to try some too. Nemo, tore up the cover for the greenhouse *-* so I've got to figure something else for the really cold nights. But even sheets draped to hold the heat will work.

Part of the morning was spent on the phone, still looking for insurance. No luck yet but Farmers Insurance sounds promising and I'll be calling them again on Monday. I sooooo hope they do. So far they are the only ones who have said they do insure woodstove as only heat.

Elsewise, we're cutting wood today. It's slow going with hand tools but it does get done. Eventually we'll have a crosscut saw which will help a great deal, and we never did get the sawbuck finished last year so need to get that done. For years we've just used a bow saw, axe and hatchet. I do have a chainsaw and will probably have to use it today but I loath using it. It;s such a loud and violent thing.

I read this morning that another Mayan piece that may relate to 2012 was found many years ago in another location. I can't remember the details but it's said to refer to 12.21.2012 and say something like "he/she/ it arrives". They refer to it as the Mayan Brick.

I also read that there was another small earthquake in Ok. and that most folks didn't report it because they've gotten used to them in recent months.

The world is a strange and interesting place.

This Thanksgiving was not a good one for us. Nik's beloved familiar, Firebolt, crossed over sometime after we went to bed and Nik found him Thanksgiving morning. The crossing was not completely unexpected but the timing certainly was. He had been ill but I had been treating him and he was improving. Anyway, it hurt Nik deeply. The trip to get Nik's dad and bring him out for a few days for Thanksgiving was canceled but we otherwise made do and carried on.

Today is the opposite, it dawned like a bright jewel and has comforted and soothed us. The day, the cottage, the land hold us like old friends, while we tend our wounds.

How lucky we are.

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Akannie said...

How exciting for you with the newest rabbit, Jules. And so sorry to hear of the loss, but life and death, birthing and passing are all the lessons we learn when we live in the real world we have chosen to live in, aren't they?

I am always so blessed to read your blog...I shall keep my ears open and if I hear of any insurance companies that might help you, I'll let you know.