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Thursday, August 9, 2012

8.9.12 Cats, Cats, More Cats & Horses

I was surprised to learn it was already August. Even more surprised to learn that we’ve been in August for over a week.

Nik is much improved! Thank the Mother & Father!!!  He’s still recovering and still shows and feels the effects but is so much better. The following days will be harder for him because he feels much better but still restricted to recuperation. It is almost impossible to stand idly by when someone else is working or there is work to be done.

Speaking of work, I am utterly and completely exhausted. My friend Jenny told me mercury was to go direct yesterday and I physically and spiritually felt the lift of it. A lightness I've not felt in some time now.

It has been good having my sister and brother-in-law here. Good to have people to talk to and good for he;p they both give. We still have a lot to get used to but things are going well and they are very good people.

I can’t remember if I posted this or not but a friend had a house fire last weekend and lost everything. We’ve taken 2 horses (I was considering buying one before the fire) and 8 cats. 3 cats I’ll be holding for her but the other 6 need homes. These 8 are on top of our personal 8 cats (all spayed and neutered), the 13 dumped cats (3 adult pregnant females dumped who then gave birth) which we need to find homes for and my sister’s 3 cats (all spayed and neutered.

I have a cathouse half made that I need to get finished right away. It’s to house all the unsprayed females to keep the from getting pregnant until they get spayed or find homes. If I can come up with the materiel I’ll build a second one to house the unneutered males. I built a similar set up when I did cat rescue, which I had hoped never to do again.

The horses are both magnificent. I’ve not had a personal horse in many years and haven’t worked with horses since I worked gentling and caring for the 11 rescued BML horses. Horses have an energy that creates life from air. An energy that fills and energizes everything around them.

These are particularly special horses to me. Both have been abused and both rescued by the person who lost her home. Both are for sale and it’s my hope to work it out so that I can buy them. The light colored (sorrel) is a 2 year old colt. Very green but smart and sweet. The darker (roan) is a 10 yr old mare. Incredibly intelligent and kind but deeply hurt.

Things will be as they must be but I have hope they will be as I wish them as well.

A very good and trusted friend helped me get them here. They loaded and rode well. There was a small incident in which the colt crushed me against the trailer wall. I am sore and bruised but ok. It was completely my fault, it has been even longer since I loaded and unloaded horses.

They are both happy, comfortable and content here. 

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the wild magnolia said...

I am so happy for your horses and wish you the best.