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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tales of the Strange & Unusual

I don't know much about anything really, but I know I don't see or experience the world like most people do. 
In the world as I understand it, there are many fantastical things. The Earth herself is wondrous, so life on her could be no different. Spirit folk and held memories are a part of that and they're all around us. It's called paranormal because it is beyond what most folks consider normal. But in fact, it's quite normal, it's a part of life. Completely natural.
The spirit folk are just folk and the memories are just memories. Powerful memories bound by feelings and experiences that leave impressions on areas and things.
Most hauntings are actually the latter, held memories. Often of pain, anger or suffering because those are some of the most powerful feelings and can scar the very air around them. I don't know why they stay, maybe to teach us or remind us of how good we have it. Regardless, they do stay ... on and on.
Some people spend their whole lifetimes trying to rid the world of such things but that doesn't seem right to me. I believe those things are there for a reason and we should learn from them. I think once they've been experienced enough, once they have completed their own cycle, they will dissipate on their own. As for the spirit folk, well, they're the same as us, they just don't have shell bodies. If they ask for help then they should be helped but I don't think we have a right to force them into anything.

And then there are other things. Negative, dark things, things that can cause harm, things that can warp the mind and soul. Things beyond what our gentler minds can grasp, beyond anything we would ever want to know.
Life is a incredibly interesting thing, it fascinates me to the core. 

I've posted almost all of my personal paranormal stories before, the ones I have typed up anyway. But, it's been a while and with the veil thinning, I thought I would post them again. With a new tale to boot ... "The Colony".

The mention of Jefferson, Texas caught my attention today and brought to mind my time there as a kid. A strange time, in a strange place. I've typed it up this evening and will be posting it soon.

For now, I'll post the previous stories one at a time  :)


OneOldGoat said...

I've missed being part of the Simply Being group :( So enjoy your blog and hope all is well with you.

Shell said...

Yay! I cannot wait to read them.

We've lived in this homestead for 5 years now and never had an "incident"... until the beginning of this month, when I walked right through a said "folk" on my staircase. Gave me an overwhelming feeling of nausea and cold. It's been years (since I was a tiny child) since I've felt that.

How weird! I'm assuming it's because Hallow's Eve is fast approaching! <3

Much Love,

the wild magnolia said...

Sounds like a good read to me.