Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Friday, August 29, 2014

8.29.14 A Gifted Life

We have, like everyone else here, been hot and dry. No rain at all for weeks now though the weather site has said we were to get thunder storms on several occasions. How much sweeter the rain will be when it does come. And how welcomed jacket weather,

Life is abundant here and we prosper in what many would describe as poverty.

The most recent batch of Pekin eggs have hatched. 9 lovely new ducklings! Igora, one of the rabbit does, is due any day. Orchard and gardens are struggling but still alive and producing. The wildlings are likewise, a bit sparse but certainly still there.

I’ve not been wild harvesting nearly as much this year. I prepared to go a few days ago, Anya saddled and with harvest bags and all. But we were both so sweaty from just preparing that I decided not to go and just unpacked her.

I did go searching for cattail pollen the other day, just needed a little for a recipe but nada. The cattails I did see were pretty dried up looking so I left them alone.

Today I’ll be looking for dandelion, lambs quarters and others to dry for winter potherbs. And harvesting some mints, mugwort and wormwood and anything ripe in the garden.

The dehydrator runs almost constantly with the most recent being portabella mushrooms and carrots. 1 pound of fresh carrots makes approximately 1 quart dried.

Some recent meals were …
* 3 bean chili con queso. I made it with leftover ground turkey and venison. Red, white navy and black beans and local fresh corn. The beans were precooked individually before. When the whole thing is almost done I added the cheese, covered and removed from heat. Just before serving add chopped onion, tomato and peppers. Delicious!
* Kabobs. I love kabobs! These were venison, portabellas, squash, black olives, onion, potato, garlic, zucchini and tomatoes. Served with rice and mushroom gravy.
* Baked Apple hand pies -  I made applesauce from some lovely little barnyard apples and had a little leftover so I made up some pie crust (half a recipe) and turned it all into apple hand pies. I cut out circles from the dough. Added a heaping teaspoon of applesauce to one side and folded over the other side, brush with egg to help seal and press lightly. Brush top and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Baked in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 350 and then 5 mins on broiler. They were fantastic with evening tea. We are so blessed!

Speaking of blessings ….

We were gifted a much needed lawn mower!!  Ours is beyond dead, poor thing. I had posted looking for one to trade for but a friend had one she wasn’t using and they just came by and dropped it off Monday. No trades, just gifted. Most excellent!

And then I received a box today from a dear friend (and my HPS). It was filled with wonderful things  :)   3 enchanting glass candle holders, candle molds and books!  A wonderful old Foxfire book, the excellently dogeared Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook and an amazing book I’ve never seen nor heard of Living On The Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel. Plus a soap making book and a much sought after Professional Manual of Botanical Medicines ( a dosage book).  I am so very thankful. 

And now a few pictures from the cottage .....

 My Great Grandmother Lilly's hoosier

 The Hearth and where i cook in winter

In the kitchen

Dried grated carrots

 Old loveseat free from craigslist

Same old love seat covered until I can recover it properly or find another. I like the lines of it.

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