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Saturday, January 10, 2015

1.10.14 - 51 & Dreaming of Spring

Today is my Pepper's memorial service. Such things are for the living, not for those who have already crossed the veil. It's not what my sister wanted and not my thing either. But it's for her girls and others and I plan to be there for them.

I didn't sleep much last night and feel a bit hollow today but when I did sleep I had a funny dream of life.

I dreamed that for 6.06 I bought duck eggs and potatoes. A dozen duck eggs the size of pecans and brown. The woman told me that fully grown the ducks would be the size of a 2 month old pullet. She showed me a feather and said they would be bright blue with black trim. There were two kinds of potatoes... One kind looked like normal potatoes but they grew edible lettuce on top. The other kind was Huge, 5 pound potatoes.

I paid with 6 dollars and a dime and the woman went a little crazy trying to give me back .04 cents. then finally she donated it to her vacation fund.

All the while there was a man who kept talking to me and kept wanting me to look up. When I finally did I saw that the floorboards in the ceiling were loose and coming apart and there were many people up there walking around. I looked at him and said "the ceiling is going to fall!" but he was calm and smiled and said "it's ok we're insured". Then I woke.

As odd as dreams can be, life is truly stranger.

I've not posted to my blog in a while. I've been working on my books. I've finished writing 4 of them and am now working on getting the first organized, proof read, parts rewritten etc  I may also combine two books into one. and then I'll try to figure out how to get it published. I considered an ebook format but this book in particular is one that should be in hard copy. A book of self sufficient how to's, ideas etc etc...  The others are my Herbal, my cookbook and a book of Poetry and Prose.  I'm still working on my memoirs...

A few weeks ago I found a brand new looking copy of Carrots Love Tomatoes at one of the thrift stores for .25 cents. I started reading it today  :)  especially the section on fruit and nut trees. There's a lot I knew but even more that i didn't. It's a great little book and a wonderful gift from The Mother.

It's cold out but the blessed sun has been shinning for days. Life sleeps the cold months away and quietly germinates while it waits for spring to leaf out and start anew. 
I don't mind the winter, I was named after it. A time for introspection and looking within. But I so look forward to spring.

What 51 looks like...  
a bit disheveled and blurry but that's ok with me, as long as there's happiness too  :)

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Kristi said...

Just getting caught up. So sorry for your loss.