Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9.10.08 a Lazy Start

It's 8am and I've only been up for an hour. We had to do morning chores before coffee, I much prefer coffee first.

I'm wanting to try and change our hours to getting up a little later. I've tried before but it hasn't worked yet. I've always had trouble with sleeping. I sleep wonderfully when I'm tired but I seem to have always had a different cycle then most folks.

Today's menu is oatmeal for breakfast. Dirty rice and green beans for dinner. Potato-carrot soup for supper.

I think it will be a fine Irish day, a secret feeling kind of gray day :) I don't think it's to rain tho so hopefully we'll get more of the henhouse built. It's supposed to storm for the next few days so this will be our last chance for a little while.

I intend to get as much as possible done on the henhouse today so I haven't planned anything else. I may get a little painting done but who knows.

We got Cloverfield yesterday, we may watch that later. Maybe with a big bowl of potato-carrot soup :) We'll get carrots from the garden to add to the soup this afternoon, it's one of my favorites.

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Peggy said...

your soup sounds yummy for here today. Its rainy and cool and I love it. I was disappointed when I watched Cloverfield. Maybe I should watch it again. let me know what you thought after watching it. Have a merry day