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Thursday, April 16, 2009

4.16.09 The Goat Journey

We're home :) Thank The Father ! And The Mother too because the weather and temperatures were perfect there and back. I drove straight there, about 10 hours, we arrived late but safely.

On the way we got off our road and ended up driving down thru Oklahoma. It's always a pain when things don't go as planned but things always turn out for the very best. Driving through Oklahoma we drove through an area to the Choctaw Nation so for several hours we observed much and talked about what we new of the First Americans. There was much beauty there, as there is everywhere, but also sadness.

Nik had never been to Oklahoma or Texas so it was a very good thing we got detoured. Tho I am very sorry to our hosts that we were so late.

When we did arrive we had a wonderful supper and if I hadn't planned driving straight back I would have eaten a lot more. Nik is very picky and he liked it as well ! In fact, he sad he said it was very good ! Spaghetti and Venison meatballs :) There was also goat milk fudge that I very much wanted to try but forgot. They are family and I hope to see them again soon.

We had a very nice but terribly short visit. Got the goats and headed home at around midnight. All seemed well and I was ready for the long drive home but, as often happens, the Universe had other plans.

Just north of Tyler Texas on Hwy 31 we got a flat. That normally wouldn't be to bad of a problem because we have a jack and spare but at that moment our spare was off it's rim. Someone who meant to help us had taken it off the rim right before we left for the trip *~* So there we sat on the side of a highway 500 miles from home. A cop did stop to check us out because someone reported a suspicious vehicle. He was very nice and thought the goats were cute but wasn't any help at all.

We sat there about an hour while I tried to think of what to do. It was a very dark area with beautiful pine forest and a few scattered houses but it felt awkward and uncomfortable. I kept feeling like I should try ahead a little. I didn't see much sense in it but finally I tried it and drove very slowly up a little hill in hopes of a better safer place to wait out the night. Just on top of the hill was a little gas station, closed but the most wonderful sight I could think of seeing at that moment. As soon as we pulled in I felt safe and more relaxed.

We checked on the goats, got blankets from the back, used the bathroom and waited for morning. We dozed off and on but ended up getting some actual sleep. How thankful I am for that little gas station in the middle of nowhere.

The next morning I was awakened by something out side and woke to find a beautiful elder man opening the store. We rousted ourselves and went in to find that not only was it a gas station but he could also fix our tire. He not only fixed it but loaned us a tool for the jack and he and his friend helped get the rim on the truck while Nik jacked it up. Wonderful, wonderful men !! We did have a little trouble with the jack but it all worked out :)

I should have looked at the elder mans nametag but was so tired I never thought to. We call him the old angel :) and he runs Johnson's or Johnston's Gas, Feed & Grocery on Hwy 31 north of Tyler Texas. I have no doubt that the entire world is a much better place because he's in it.

So, instead of heading home the night before, we headed home at a little after 8 am the next morning. Just a little way down the highway we saw a sign that said "Highway 222 Next Left". I took a different way back, a way I know better and a little faster. We went across and up through Arkansas.

On the way back I did a seriously tweazer thing and took the truck out of gear and road the breaks down a very curvy steep mountain until the break smokes horribly and we had to pull off and let them cool down. I actually know better then that but I was tired and not thinking.

In the mountains in Arkansas we saw miles and miles of some kind of major tree damage. Thousands of trees with their tops snapped off, some trees broken at the base, some split down the middle and some looked like they had been smashed or exploded. For miles this went on, I've never seen anything like it. I would estimate that the damage continued for over 15 miles of curving mountain road. We saw no damage to buildings or houses but the trees looked fairly recently damaged. There were many very close to the road and some I had to swerve to miss the edges of. At first we thought tornado or high winds but for so many miles and with no buildings damaged ? I think it must have been an ice storm or someone testing Tesla's coil.

So, on the second day of our journey we arrived safely home at around 7pm. Crow truck seems fine, the goats are fine, everything here was fine and we're fine. Thank The Father and Mother !

I never have a lack of appreciation for our home or lives but there is appreciation and then there is being on the road for two days and sleeping in the front seat of the truck. Appreciation doesn't even come close to how thankful we both are for our Burrow.

Ruby & Matilda
Our beautiful and beloved 3 1/2 month old Nubian goat girls :)



Peggy said...

glad you made it home and everything worked out for you. We have a Nubian buckling that would be perfect for your doelings! :)

Roxann said...

Love your goaties :) I had nubians once and hope to get some again one day. The tree damage you noticed in AR was from the recent ice storm. It was the most awesome display of Nature's destructive/beauty power I've ever seen. When the trees started snapping in our little valley, it sounded like a battlefield. But - the sun coming up and shining through the ice was breathtakingly beautiful. glad to hear you made it home safely.

Granny Sue said...

Nubians! I loved mine when I had them many years ago. I hope all goes well with them.