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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Day, Another Dream

~ I share my dreams because I think they're interesting, not because I think they have any prophetic value or any such thing. They're not in any way meant to foretell or warn or predict. I am just a woman who dreams, nothing more, nothing less.~

I was watching everything from above, sort of like watching a movie but not. I was never actually in the dream, which is very odd and very rare.

Everything seemed like the old west yet different, I knew it wasn't the past but the near future. everyone rode horses and most lived in tent houses. It was in the Ozark Mountains and there was a group of soldiers amassing. I was worried that there was war but soon found out it wasn't war at all.

There were 5 main people, 3 adult brothers (2 military and 1 not), their father (also military) and their mother (a First American).

The 1st brother was in charge of a group of soldiers at an encampment in the Ozarks. I thought they were getting ready for war but they were actually preparing for a great flood that was going to cover much of North America. They had taken local control and were building tent cities, stockpiling supplies and preparing other things.

The 2nd military brother was a messenger for the government and showed up on horseback with a message for the first brother but before he could give the message the father showed up. He was asking about the 3rd brother and saying that they must say goodbye to their mother and might not see her again.

Soon the 3rd brother arrived and he was dressed in skins, like a scout or tracker in an old movie. He told the first two brothers that he was going with his mother and "the people". Then their mother showed up with a man who spoke for her. He said they were ready to leave and that they would see "the people" top safety to the Appalachian mountain ridge. One brother asked why they wouldn't stay here and the speaker said that there wasn't enough room in the Ozark mountains to support that many people so they had to see these safely to the next mountains that would be safe.

The father rode up near the mother and she began to sing to him. I can still hear the music and some of the words in my head. It was a sing about a Spanish Rose. And then she took his hand and told him not to forget "there will be 7 layers". " there will be 7 layers, you must not forget." she said it several times.

Then the mother and the speaker rode away to the East and I could see a bunch of people gathered, waiting for them. 100's on people, on foot, in wagons and on horses ... they were getting ready to travel North East. The direction seemed important to me.

The 3rd brother shook hands with the other 2 and then with the father and he too rode off toward the North East.

The 1st military brother argued a little with the 2nd, wanting him to stay and saying where he was headed would not be safe, but the 2nd brother said he had to finish his job and make sure the message was delivered. He rode off to the NorthWest.

The 1st military brother and the father went to back to their jobs ordering people to prepare for the flood. They had sad hearts and much worry.

I woke with the feeling that I was thankful we would be safe here and the music of the woman's song in me head.


Linda said...

I wish I could remember my dreams, but I seldom ever do...

Anonymous said...

We are on a couple of the same yahoo lists and I have always been intrigued by your living in the Ozarks. So, I've visited your blog a few times and I love it. I am interested in learning more about natural medicines in our Kentucky mountains and using herbs, etc. How did you get started? Melanie :)

P.S. I loved your dream. I have lived in the Appalachian mountains most of my life. It is beautiful.