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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bad Eggs and Flood Dreams

Bad Eggs

In all our years of having hens I have never had a bad egg. Eggs stay good for weeks as long as they're not to hot but even in the hottest part of summer they stay good with no refrigeration for at least a full week and more. Yesterday I was making eggs for lunch and discovered several bad eggs. One was very bad and smelled terrible, several others had odd sickly looking yolks and a few more still had very dense, almost reddish yolks. The latter reminded me of the dense yolks of ducks eggs, I could cut these raw yolks and they didn't run. All but the stenchful egg went to the animals and the bad egg went into the forest. Very odd, 7 bad eggs total and we've never had even one before. It seemed like an omen from a movie or book. Back in the day I reckon the neighbors would have toasted me for that very thing.

Flood Dream

we were living in a different house and it was winter like, snow and ice everywhere but not frozen solid. There was a tiny (ankle deep) creek that we had to drive over on our driveway but it had swollen to be waist high and about 20 feet wide. we had to drive over it but I knew it was frozen enough to be able to. We had the crow truck and needed food so Nik (who was an older teenager -very rare in my dreams) and I bundled up and jumped in the crow truck and drove to a place.

Along the way we saw that every low lying place was flooded. Some ravines and such probably 100 feet deep or more, filled with water just a few feet less than the higher dryer ground. There was a lot of snow everywhere as well and we had to be careful and drive very slow for fear of driving in the wrong place or sliding.

We came to a 3 way road, or at least where there were three places other cars had driven. as i drove a long gate just blew open across the road I needed. at first I intended to drive right through it because something felt wrong but then I realized that I knew who's gate it was so I tried to swerve but still hit the corner and bent it a little. I stopped the truck and got out to move the gate and noticed tons of gates, kennel panels, fencing of all sorts stock piled nearby and partially hidden by the snow. It felt wrong somehow, i felt angry but also frightened by it and yet, when i tried to imagine or think about what they were for it felt as if I was purposely being blocked from any thought of it.

The next thing I knew we were driving along again and came to a structure that looked like a medium sized metal cattle shelter, a metal three sided building with big plastic sheets covering the open side. There were two women inside whom i knew and I went in to get food.

The dream shifted

It began again in the same way tho I knew it was another day, maybe months or more since the last trip. It was very cold out but little or no snow on the ground. The driveway creek was still very swollen but seemed to have gone down a bit. there was still an ice bridge across it but I was worried about it holding. we needed food tho so we got in the crow truck and drove. when i drove onto the bridge it collapse and the water came up to the doors of the truck but I was able to speed across and no water got in.

The next thing I knew, we were at the metal building again, the same two women inside. I went in and filled three bags with canned foods and was talking to the women when another truck pulled up with 3 or 4 men. One of the women said I should go because they were low on food and they would want some of mine. I seemed to have my own stock of food there (why I would keep it there and not at my home ?). As I quickly took my bags to the truck another truck pulled in with a man and woman in it. At the same time raised voices came out from the building. thought to myself that i would take Nik and the food home and come back and help the women.

And then I woke.


J said...

"It seemed like an omen from a movie or book. Back in the day I reckon the neighbors would have toasted me for that very thing."

*giggle*snort* ... better watch it in these days.
:0) Some people can be so 'bound' in only what 'they' believe.

Granny Sue said...

It sounds like you happened on a nest where one of your hens had been setting on the eggs. Do you have a rooster? If you don't and a hen tried to set, the eggs would just spoil. If you have a rooster some of the eggs might have been developing into chicks, and some that were not fertilized just went bad.

Alina said...

Love your Blog! Namaste...

Juli said...

J :)

Granny Sue, our hens lay in the nest boxes and we gather them daily. we don't keep a roo with the hens because we don't eat fertilized eggs. I've had chickens for years and have never seen anything like this.

Thanks, Alina :)

Anonymous said...

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