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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The City Dreams

I'm not going to share the dreams entirely. They were very intense. In both dreams I was watching, as if watching a movie.

In the first one Nik and I were traveling to somewhere, we knew where in the dream but I as a watcher didn't know. We had the blazer but were camping out in an abandoned building. We were getting ready to light a fire when a man appeared out of the darkness. he wanted my flashlight so I gave it to him but then he became more dangerous. Things happened and he died. In the process he dropped my flashlight which was pointed toward Nik and I. I flashed on a small spotlight and we could see beings coming out of the darkness. they were taking the dead man away. I saw them fully in the spotlight but later couldn't recall exactly how they looked. I knew they weren't there for us but we were afraid and grabbed our stuff to leave. I woke


The second dream, last night, I was watching again. Nik and I were in the abandoned city. I knew it had been where we were traveling to in the last dream. There were other people there too, small groups like a father and toddler daughter, two teenage sisters, an elder couple, two men who were mates. I knew there were others as well and I knew some would mean to harm. The other people thought it was some sort of game, maybe like Survivor, but Nik and I knew it was not. I also knew we could not, or would not be allowed to, leave the city.

We followed some signs and arrived in a large room where there were piles on things for each of us. Clothing, backpacks, bags ... I realized that our pile was our things from the blazer and I was so angry that anyone had touched our stuff. But soon I was thankful to have our stuff with us. At least what we needed.

I tried to get everyone to stay together but since they thought it was a game they all split off to find some treasure or something. Nik and I went exploring to see what we could use and to find food and water.

time elapsed as it does in dreams and it seemed like we had been there for a few days. We came to a room and found the father and toddler daughter with a doctor. The doctor was preparing to give the little girl a shot. he was saying she wouldn't survive without it. I felt like something was very wrong and started asking him questions about the injection. I ask him how it was supposed to be given. He said you just stick the needle into the meat of her arm and inject it. I asked if that was subcutaneous and he said "yea, just stick in and inject". I knocked the needle from his hand and grabbed the child. I tried to read the vial he was going to give but couldn't. There were fridge shelves of all sorts of vials, I looked through and took all the ones I knew. We left the fake doctor there and took the father and girl with us.

days past and we came upon a huge shower room. Like a prison shower but very clean, very white and sterile. We each prepared to take our turns and have showers. I went first but just as I was dressing several people burst in wearing military clothes. 5 or 6 of them. They said I had to go with them peacefully or they would kill the others. I told Nik as much in sign language and went with them.

They were some sort of militant group, maybe 20 total. there were about 7 wounded. They seem to think i was a doctor but I told them i wasn't. A woman was in charge of these people and she was not a nice person. I began tending to the wounded as best i could, i realized they had been wounded trying to leave the city. I started asking them about what happened and then I woke.

On waking I was disappointed about a few things, one being that I knew Nik would meet his future wife there and I was looking forward to meeting her too.


Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Sandy said...

A lot of people have been having dreams of the future.
And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your men will see visions. Joel 2:28
I see this happening.

67 Not Out said...

Arrived here by chance via fuelmyblog.

Fascinating dreams. I've taken to recording mine just in case they may be useful later. Amongst the obscure are sometimes a few truths.