Wild Moon Cottage is a small working homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, organic herb and vegetable gardens, a start of a tiny fruit orchard, several black walnut trees, wild berries and fields of wildcrafting goodness. We raise our own milk, our own eggs, much of our own medicine and food. I do laundry by hand, make my own vinegar, candles, soap, bread, cheese ........ For a living I am an artist and herbalist. My goal for myself and our homestead is to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Eggs, Changes & Shabby Little Tray

What a beautiful day ! Chilly and filled with sunshine :)  It's 1:11 in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is court so I'm figuring we'll have 30 days from tomorrow to move. I do think about and am nervous, so is poor Nik, but nothing can be done and I'm not much for flailing about on the ground wailing for something I have no power over. I do have the power to search for a new place for us tho and so that is what i am doing. It's not that this place isn't worth fighting for but I am tired and the path leads on. Even Nik feels at ease with it all now, tho he's still nervous about going to court. That's some we see in movies, not something we do. Things will be as they will and I'm looking forward to what is next.

I am going to tell everything in court tho. I don't think legally anything can be done but if the court will listen, I am going to tell them everything from the day we agreed on the sale terms to the end. Which was actually only 8 years ago and not almost 10 years like I thought. It's a good thing I looked for the old receipts and such. It was in 2002 that we moved here.

On some very sad news, early this morning dogs took our poor Fox Redford, our old Rhode Island Red rooster. They came right into out yard and grabbed him and carried him away. I believe it was the same dogs who took the two hens, they belong to a neighbor and a relative of the person who told us about seeing the car. We will miss him.

I am having to buy some things I've not had to buy in a very long time. I'm also having to buy things in places i would not usually buy them.

I don't boycott walmart at all, but I don't usually shop for much food there, mostly toilet paper, freezer baggies, kitty litter and that sort. For food I grow/raise as much as I can and buy from a few different place .. local meat from a local packing house, produce from neighbors, farmers market etc. and other foods at Sams and our little Murfins.

Sunday i had to do all my shopping at walmart.

It's been around 5 weeks since I've been shopping (or anywhere), I also did all my shopping at walmart last time. We would usually shop on days that are the least crowded but when borrowing a car you have to go when they can let you. The store was overflowing with people, most rushing around at full speed, some seemingly unaware that there was anyone else there but themselves. I walked around with a big goofy grin looking at everyone because it was kind of exciting and interesting.

Eggs, I can't remember when the last time I bought eggs. Our hens aren't laying at all now and I've run out of all my stored eggs, even the frozen ones. I went to my egg selling competition down the road to buy eggs, I noted her sigh wasn't out and when I knocked she said her hens had just stopped laying. We're both chicken people for years, we both stagger ages so they don't all mol at that the same time and we both usually keep similar breeds. The only difference is that she buys hers from the hatchery and I used to raise mine (I have bought from hatcheries too tho). (we both sell for 2.00 a doz. when we do sell). I asked another neighbor who has hens but doesn't sell usually if she had any I could buy. She keeps a rooster with her but I would rather eat those than toxic store eggs. Her hens are laying but not well and she had no extras to sell. so I did without eggs for almost 2 weeks *~* today I bought 5 dozen from the Ozark Super Center. They're all smallish white eggs, a few have a yellow tint, they all look a bit creepy, 2 are cracked, 1 dented in and 2 have pencil marks (an arrow and a sad face). They cost just under 6.00. cheap and creepy

Apples, For several years a neighbor a few miles away had several little old apple trees and one day i asked about windfall apples. Every year there after we got to pick all the windfall apples we wanted and often got close to a bushel each year. but a few years ago a terrible storm (possible a tornado) hurt the trees really badly. pulled on up roots and all, broke two off near the base and split one in half. The ones that lived were staring to look a lot healthier last time I saw them earlier this year but we haven't gotten apples since that storm. So i started buying and trading for apples at the farmers market. I paid roughly 12.00 per half bushel most years. Today i bought 10 pounds of red delicious for 7.14 (that would be around 14.00 a half bushel). The apples came in two 5 lb bags and they were all in good condition except for one apple which had been cut in half and was missing it's bottom ? they're also very waxy, which I am familiar with but these seem to waxy and to red.

Corn, I grow my own and buy from the farmers market, we eat raw and freeze (was going to can this year) to last through the winter. I bought 3 ears, most likely GM, for .44 each. Only 3 ears because the rest of the corn wasn't formed over halfway up the cobs.

I am absolutely thankful to have been able to go at all and to be able to buy foods and goods that we need but I did find that shopping solely at walmart cost more on many things for less quality and some on quantity. I bought more processed things than I normally would have. One huge bummer was that i forgot my list :( which means there were a few things I needed that I couldn't remember. But overall I got most things and it was a good thing.

The Blazer still isn't fixed. The guys finally got the regulator installed but that didn't do it. So now i will wait until i have enough money to take it to our regular mechanic. He's a bit more expensive but does very good work. I have the 2nd cabin for sale and as soon as it sales the blazer will do.

I've been working on getting some gift things ready for the shops. I finished painting a shabby little tray I had gotten last fall to do the same with. And got 2 boudoir pillows and a batch of cat toys sewn and finished.

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