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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friends, Mosquitoes & Candy

It was a very fine day. Cool and filled with sunshine :)

The numbers were very prevalent today. last night when i reached to turn out the lamp the clock was 10:10. When I got up this morning and checked emails i had 1010 emails. I laid down for a little bit this morning and when I got up it was 9:50 or 10 minutes to 10:00.

This evening I needed to look up a number for a part and the number is 212212. Just a few minutes ago i listened to Lost Things and when it finished it said 2:12/2:12

I spent most of the morning working on my HealingHouseTeas.com I had been out of chamomile for some time but have enough to start selling those teas again. I also did a little adjusting of things, added some artwork there for sale and general maintenance. I'm excited to get the new blends down perfectly, take photos and get them listed.

This afternoon I made a big batch of lavender infused vinegar for the laundry rinse and a bottle of Rosemary mosquito spray. I also made a lovely batch of Pan Candy. I soooo love that stuff. I'll include the recipe below.

A friend came by today to look at the cabin for sale and we got to talk a bit, and be eaten by mosquitoes.

Then back to work on my store and getting a few things ready for the big name change.

And now I'm getting ready to have a glass of sweet wine and watch the Survivors BBC series (not to be confused with the contest show).

Simple Pan Candy

This is also called Skillet Caramel and all you need to make it is equal parts real butter and brown sugar, a cast iron pan and some heat. It can be made on electric or gas stoves, wood stoves and open fire.

Pan Candy

1 c butter
1 c brown sugar, packed well

Melt butter in cast iron skillet over a medium heat. When butter is fully melted add brown sugar being careful that it doesn't splash hot butter on you. Stir constantly for 10 minutes. At first the butter and sugar will remain separate but as you go they will fully combine. It's a little tricky because if you over cook they can separate again and not go back together but if undercooked it will taste like brown sugar and be a bit gritty. I wait for it to combine, then continue cooking and watch closely for any sign of separation. In my opinion it's better slightly undercooked than over cooked but when you get it right it's is delectable :)

When it's done you can just leave it to cool in the pan or pour it into candy molds or onto wax paper.

You can add vanilla but I find it cause the mix to separate most times.
You can also add chocolate chips on top and cover. The chips will melt and then firm up as it cools.
You can add sea salt for a salty sweet.
And for a fancy candy, I add chopped almonds to the mix while hot, then semi sweet chips on top and a pinch of sea salt. I gave it as gifts and everyone said they loved it.
Most of the time tho i just make it with butter and brown sugar for a very simple but special sweet :)

I have made this hundreds of times and have had it come out odd and even burned once or twice and it has always been very edible.

It is a very special treat with magical properties. It has the mysterious power to make you smile.


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Ann Nichols said...

Oh Wow!this sounds delicious! You're right, it does have magical powers...It already has me smiling! thanks!
Please stop by my blog - it's about St. Nicholas and Christmas!