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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Courts & Jesters

Thank you (((((((((((( All ))))))))))) so much for your love and good mojos!!!!

First of all, I had a dream last night that the house guy brought a gun to court and tried to shoot me. He did wound me and Nik both but didn't kill us or do any major damage.

So to the court ... We were an hour early and got to hear some interesting stuff between lawyers and judge. I am quite sure now that a large amount of lawyers are goofs. They were very disorganized and at times I wanted to jump up and straighten up their files and paperwork for them. One lawyer guy kept trying to joke with the judge, who was not amused. He said he had put his name down to run against the judge next election and laughed and laughed. The judge replied that he had run against Mickey Mouse before. Then, the house guys lawyer (who was very nice to us) kept getting cases confused, had the judge change a date 3 times, filed a case that had been closed for almost two weeks, kept telling the judge, "I'm a mess judge, I'm just a mess today". It was all very surreal but bloody interesting. The Judge really was like a king and the lawyers like jesters.

The house guy didn't show up until the last few minutes but I knew he would show up so he wouldn't be defaulted.

The judge was there the whole time but 5 minutes before our trial was to start he took a break and was almost 30 minutes late! Then we finally started and it was just Nik and me, the house guy and lawyer, the court policeman and the judge. I was thankful because crowds bother me a lot.

We began and the lawyer called house guy to the stand and suddenly the most amazing thing happened. Before his lawyer could question him the judge asked him if he had given us any sort of written notice to vacate and he told the truth and said no! Then! his lawyer quickly said that he had given us verbal notice. The judge asked him if that was true, did he give us verbal notice ? The house guy hesitated and his face reddened and he said ... no, no i didn't. !!! I almost jumped up and danced a jig. As I told the judge later, I never wanted to get the house guy in trouble, I just wanted someone to hear the truth.

Then it got odder still because I had to sit in the testifying chair and swear and all. I told most of everything I wanted to say and offered pictures and a typed statement to the judge but he said he didn't need to see them.

The judge was very, very nice and treated me with more respect than i felt he treated the house guys lawyer. He wasn't rude to her but seemed to bit impatient with her. He even helped me by asking about things i might have forgotten and offered to let me cross examine the house guy. I was sorely tempted to but I can be mean when pissed and I didn't want to be either, mean or pissed. I just wanted the truth to be told and it had been done.

I was sure that when I explained about buying the place and all that the house guy or his lawyer would deny it but they never did at all. One discrepancy tho was that the house guy claimed that we moved here in 2007 but we moved in Sept 2002 and I had all the proof. I think the house guy might have some mental or memory issues because he seemed surprised.

In the end we still have to wait longer. The judge said he wanted to take some time and that he would mail his verdict to us. I'm hoping he will give us at least 30 days.

Regardless, of course we will still have to move but I felt it went very well. After, Nik and I even went for burgers to celebrate.

We've been having to get a jump anytime I want to drive the Blazer but amazingly, after court today it started right up :) It's scheduled to go back to the mechanic tomorrow. Hopefully fixed correctly and completely so that we can go see the 3 room cottage this weekend.


Chicken Momma said...

I'm so glad to read this. It sounds like things went well with the judge. I hope he gives you the time you need to find a new home.

Tango said...

This is awesome news. I've been on pins and needles all day. So happy for you and Nik. I hope that the 3 room cottage will be what you expect. You are strong and I know you will make it work. Good for you!!! Hugs, Tango

Anonymous said...

I was just talking to my hubs about your situation tonight...I do think your house guy must have some memory issues...crossing my finger for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh great news!!! My fingers are crossed for you and your son....

Granny Sue said...

I was away and so anxious to know what happened. It sounds to me like the owner has not a leg and stand on and might be quite unhappy about the verdict, Juli. He is so in the wrong that it must have been embarrassing and his lawyer wasn't any help. I'm wondering if the owner has Alheimer's or something--his behavior is very erratic. I bet the judge gives you at least 90 days. I'd bet he might do more than that, but I'm an optimist :)